Indicators on क्या हमारे देवता व पूर्वज एलियंस थे You Should Know

Exactly where Loss of life or lasting disablement of any person has resulted from a mishap arising from the usage of a motorized vehicle or motor cars, the proprietor of the motor vehicle be liable to pay payment in regard of this kind of Dying or disablement.

in which Demise has resulted from the accident, by all or any with the authorized Associates from the deceased; or

A great training is definitely the delivery correct of all citizens in almost any democratic state. Regretably in India it really is only a few that are taking pleasure in the so named good education.

Mera Papa jharkhand Jail law enforcement me the but 17 august 2015 ko mere papa ko 15000 ghush lene ke arrop me suspend kr diya gya……phir kuch dino ke inquiry hone ke baad ye prove n ho ska ki WO ghush liye the ..papa se jail IG Suman Gupta ne jawaab maga tha papa ne jawab diya but Jail IG apne electric power ko dikha the huee papa ko 6 January 2016 ko Dischage kr di……mere papa ka identify Sri Shiv Shankar Rai h.1977 se jail law enforcement me the….itna dino tk imaandaari se duty ka hme bhut bura sajha diya gya h jail IG suman Gupta dwaara….

अगर आप को कोई शंका है तो आप भी अपने वकील से पूरी जानकारी लें और रिटर्न जरूर फ़ाइल करें ।

So some thing must be finished. So this drama was carried out which really direct economic system to go backward by 10 years.

humsavi muslim log ko mukhiya sabita devi se personaly koi shikayat nahi hai wo achhi hai lekin mukhiya wo sirf nam ki hai uska savi kam uska pati dinesh paswan karta hai, apni staff ke ranniti ke anusar or muslim log agar uske pas jati , residential , revenue any certificate or koi vi get the job done ke leye to make use of gali dekar jati suchak vadi gali dekar vaga diya jata hai,.hum kuchh muslim exp. kudus khalifa , haidar khalifa, kabu khalifa, jabbar khalifa, idrish khalifa, kasim khalifa ,akhtar ansari, sahabuddin ansari, anamul khalifa, sakur khalifa, islam khalifa, nirodha khalifa, hafiz khalifa, savi log Main minister se niwedan karte ki en brand par sakht karwai kiya jaye, kyo ki hume kavi dashara me, to kavi saraswai puja, holi, moharam, ramnavmi me humlogo par atyachar kiya jata hai , 2015 ke moharam ke karib 2 dino ke negative enlogo ki puri team ne humare emblem ko jan se marne ki kosis or humare gharo ko jalane ki vi koshis ki, wakht par police ke aa jane par hum log ki jan bachi, islam khalifa ko talwar se sar par 2015 moharam ke bad mara gaya, thana me FIR karne ke terrible un par koi karwai nahi hui. humko humare dharam nahi manane ke leye hum par dabaw banaya ja raha hai. hum log aman chain sukun se rahna chahte hai. dines paswan , anup tiwary or enki puri group hum logo ko yaha se vagana or jan se marna chahte hai. parsasan dawara sahi Alternative nahi kiya ja raha hai ..humare sath insaf kiya jaye , hum log madad ki guhar pm Business , cm jharkhand , rashtpati, rajyapal human rights or yaha tak ki Worldwide human rights ke sits pe vi mail karunga , taki hume aage humara gaw me hindu muslim ka mahaul nahi rahe, savi log miljulkar rahe, hume apna khushal gaw chaheye or anup tiwary or dinesh paswan ki puri gandi, danga failane wala crew ki ranniti se azadi chaheye or in par karwai chaheye.

In general Lossess to your Small business is much more than 500Lakh croresf with in two weeks , so work out how much loss happened to IT in comparision with new Tax Amounts.

अतः आपसे आग्रह है कि अतिशीघ्र कार्रवाई करें।

Anyways, this is not The very first time that demonetisation was performed, then why ppl are harping on this n blaming modiji although not on Pappu the largest beneficiary through his sycophant supporters?

Sir it's against natural justice as I (in addition to a lot of my batchmates) will unable to show up in among the Test. So kindly change the more info date of 1 of Test to ensure. all of us get a good opportunity to show up in both the examination.

In my guess this 2000 denomination will be a very confined quantity . When the system stabilizes Govt may possibly think of limiting this denomination to avoid accumulations.

Sir, democracy can do the job only when participated by people, but in case you marginalize bases on sections, democracy are going to be mere vote counting machine. Almost nothing will come up for dialogue, but ushered in with dadas.

As to the black income handlers and non-tax payers. Make new courts where by justice is served swiftly. Send out them to jail for all times and acquire all their dollars absent.

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